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How's the game coming along cant wait im so  Pumped i dont think lis2 is going be as good as the first one also the comics but i loved your story for the fanfic so hope you   Continue your work i think if u  show  The creators that we want happy ending they just might give us one and then we can move on from max and chole  i understand  storys must end but  The bonds we share never end

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a  Beautiful story for the beautiful   Characters we came to  love i hope we get to see them again but all good things most end so sorry ive been posting  alot just  Huge fan of your work   , i hope Square enix picks up  to make another Max and Chloe story  but this  Filled the void  of the hole in the story left us so just want to say thank u  Destiny smasher for story that  you  Told us it was beautiful thank you 

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i have read up to ch 13 so far keep up the good work on the game im going keep iam gooing to keep reading and hope  that the game is good as  fan   Fiction

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cool  chapters  3 -4 i just read them  there cool  cant wait when u put them out on game cant wait 

how far is the game  and the codeing

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Chapters 1 and 2 are more or less finished (which is what the current public build contains). I have converted over 300,000 words of prose into code format and am working my way through that, adding in choices and alternate dialogue, etc. It will be a while until the story is finished but I to release an updated build with substantially more content at a later date.


you deserve free cake for the rest of your life. That's how good this game is.

also, is the game finished or do you count on making more chapters? 

Ha, thanks. A free cake would be nice, but honestly, what I really need is work. >_>; I'm unemployed and after months of searching I'm at an utter loss of what to do.

I have actually coded quite a lot of text into this program, 20 chapters worth -- the story is already written as a fic, and it's taken me months to convert it over. Now, I'm gradually working on coding choices, branching conversations, alternate dialogue, etc. (Chapters 1 and 2 are very basic but I'd like certain chapters further in to branch into more complex things, even alternate scenes entirely, though the main plot still has a linear progression)

It's still a LONG ways to go, but if I can pull it off, will be quite a substantial piece and a very thorough send-off I can personally give to these characters. Thanks a lot for giving this a try! I hope you come back some day when I have more ready, or if you decide to read the fic in the meantime, I hope you enjoy that, too.


Fantastic Game! So much Details! Played Chapter 1 in an Hour or about 40 Minutes. Love it! Other Max is Pissing me off TBH.


Haha, yep -- I wanted to capture the same feeling from Episode 5 during the Nightmare. In this story, my interpretation is that Other Max actually is the "architect" of that Nightmare, and how/why is a pretty important aspect of the plot as you get into things. Thank you for giving this a try! I'm glad you were able to get it working finally! I hope you enjoy Chapter 2, and if you want to read the fic version while the visual novel is in development, that is already finished!

Not Downloading

Hm, looks like it's working here. Are you trying to download the Linix or Mac versions from Google Drive?

nvm Started Working. BTW I hope this game is HELLA Good!

Another Problem. When i try to launch it it fails and says this:

An error occurred while launching Life is Strange: All Wounds

application crashed. process exited with code 3 

Any Solutions? I tried Re-Installing.

Again, I don't know which version you are trying to use. ^^;; You may want to look the error up regarding Renpy, that's all I can think of, sorry. This version has been around for a year. If you can provide me with a log of the full error I could try and find out what happened. Where were you in the story when the error occurred?

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Hey, read your error, and you're right, it's too long. xD But you still haven't explained -- what operating system are you using? Are you on Windows? Have you already downloaded and used Renpy before? It's looking like the error may be tied to something called "Zsync" seems like it may be the issue, but that appears to be a Linux program? And you're trying to play the Windows version? (I have a link for a Linux version on the page here, near the bottom). That's my best guess, anyway. No one else has reported this error despite the demo being out for a year now, so I don't really know what the problem could be if you are running it on Windows. You are using the correct .exe to open it right?

LiS-All_Wounds-test-win > lib > windows-i686 > LiS-All_Wounds-test.exe

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I'm using Windows 10 64x Bit. And yeah im using the right .exe to open it. No i haven't used Renpy Before.  And i don't know what Zsynic is.                         

Edit: Tried Clicking the .EXE In the folder and it just dosen't open. It adds in a games list in my Gaming application without it running.

Edit2: Worked! i had to Uninstall the whole and Install it again. Sorry to waste your time for a simple solution. Seriously. So Sorry to waste your time.


No worries! I guess that makes sense, I've never made the program available through a source like this before. I'm just glad you got it to work!